Men’s Sandals Made in the USA

It’s Summer again and sandals weather. But to be honest I’ve never been a huge fan of sandals. I wear them to the beach, and around the yard, but rarely, if ever, out on on the town. I have a friend who is just the opposite of my attitude on sandals. This guy would wear […]

Classic 1969 Porsche 912

This ’69 Porsche 912 is a thing of beauty. And the same age as I am! No words can really describe. Check out the photos. And it’s for sale!    

Hager Flieger Watch

The Flieger Watch by Hager Watches

I’ve always been a fan of watches. My favorites are usually high-end watches well outside my budget. But a watch company that I’ve run across lately makes beautiful well-made watches right here in America. Hager Watches was founded in 2009 by Pierre Brown; a former Marine, CIA agent, and police officer who decided he could […]

Alden Shoes USA

Alden Shoes Made in the USA

The Alden Shoe Company is a survivor that has stayed true to its roots. Began by Charles H. Alden in Middleborough, MA, it is the last of hundreds of 1800’s New England shoe companies that still makes it shoes in the USA.  It’s survived recessions, a depression, upturns and downturns, all the while resisting moving […]

Aston Grey Saddle Black Shoes

My New Aston Grey Shoes

  I’m really liking my Aston Grey shoes I bought last week. They are a pair of Tokyo Saddle Oxfords, which I got for a pretty good price at DSW. Some of the features of the include: Lace-up closure with two sets of laces, one magenta-ish (shown) and one black. Brogue details Tapered round toe […]

Browsing Instagram for Men’s Fashion Inspiration

I love browsing Instagram to check out what other fashion bloggers are wearing. It’s a great way to find an outfit or get some inspiration. Here are a few finds: Matt has great style whether it’s dressing up or dressing down.  

Obama leathe jacket

Leather Jackets on Older Men

Ex-President Barack Obama sure looked relaxed after leaving the Oval Office. Smiling, vacationing, time with family, and getting casual. He especially likes to wear a brown leather jacket. I’ve heard he has had the jacket for a long time but hasn’t had a chance to wear it. For whatever reason, presidents shouldn’t wear leather. My […]

Well groomed grey beard

To Dye or Not to Dye That Grey Beard

It’s been about ten years since the once dark brown color went from my beard. It happened slowly. I noticed it after going a few days without shaving the dark 5 o’clock shadow was beginning to disappear. Taking its place was a dusting of white. I was getting older for sure. There goes my beard […]

Proper Sleeve Length on a Dress Shirt

For the past 25 years I have worn dress shirts to work, five days a week, give or take an occasional casual day on Fridays. I’m a slow learner, so It took me ten of those years to finally figure out the proper sleeve length for a dress shirt. Plus for many of those years […]