Leather Jackets on Older Men

Obama leathe jacket

Ex-President Barack Obama sure looked relaxed after leaving the Oval Office. Smiling, vacationing, time with family, and getting casual. He especially likes to wear a brown leather jacket.

I’ve heard he has had the jacket for a long time but hasn’t had a chance to wear it. For whatever reason, presidents shouldn’t wear leather.

My question is whether leather jackets really look good on older men? Does a leather jacket still look cool after the age of 40, or signal a mid-life crisis?

How about wearing a motorcycle jacket without actually being on a motorcycle? Does that just look like a desperate man trying to hold on to his younger days? How about a fashionable leather jacket? Obama looks good in his leather. Would you?

There’s a lot of discussion on this topic, like here and here. However, I think it comes down to personal taste, and looking at yourself honestly and what you’re trying to project.

Here are a few pics of older men in leather jackets as inspiration:

leather and scarf




Cool older man leather jacket


Photo Silver Londoner

In closing, use your best judgment, and maybe get an opinion from someone who’s honest with you.

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