Hager Flieger Watch

The Flieger Watch by Hager Watches

I’ve always been a fan of watches. My favorites are usually high-end watches well outside my budget. But a watch company that I’ve run across lately makes beautiful well-made watches right here in America. Hager Watches was founded in 2009 by Pierre Brown; a former Marine, CIA agent, and police officer who decided he could […]

Alden Shoes USA

Alden Shoes Made in the USA

The Alden Shoe Company is a survivor that has stayed true to its roots. Began by Charles H. Alden in Middleborough, MA, it is the last of hundreds of 1800’s New England shoe companies that still makes it shoes in the USA.  It’s survived recessions, a depression, upturns and downturns, all the while resisting moving […]