The Flieger Watch by Hager Watches

Hager Flieger Watch

I’ve always been a fan of watches. My favorites are usually high-end watches well outside my budget. But a watch company that I’ve run across lately makes beautiful well-made watches right here in America.

Hager Watches was founded in 2009 by Pierre Brown; a former Marine, CIA agent, and police officer who decided he could make a better quality and affordable watch then what he was being offered on the market.

According to their website, they offer the same luxury and quality as watches that cost twice as much. And although I have no personal experience with a Hager watch, I’m pretty taken by the beauty of them. The watches are modern looking with a touch of old school styling.

Hager Flieger Watch

The iconic Flieger watch was first created in 1941 for the German Luftwaffe. It was originally just used as a flight tool by the navigator; to be returned after the mission was over.

Over time the watch has become one the most popular designs in watch history, with myriad redesigns by the original German watchmakers (Stowa, IWC, Wempe, Laco, and Lange & Söhne) and others.

This brings me to Hager, the makers of a fantastic looking Flieger watch.

The Hager reproduction has an easy to read dial, large numerals and blue-tinged dials on a black background. However, I think the coolest feature of the watch is an exhibition case back that gives you a peek into the workings of the watch as the rotor turns.  


This watch looks like it would look good in a suit or with a shirt and jeans. Plus it’s got that great history behind it. Their website shows that is sold out, but I’m sure with some detective work one can be found. 

Note: No one paid me in anyway for this post. I just like the watch.



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