To Dye or Not to Dye That Grey Beard

Well groomed grey beard
Long grey beard that look fantastic. Well groomed.

It’s been about ten years since the once dark brown color went from my beard. It happened slowly. I noticed it after going a few days without shaving the dark 5 o’clock shadow was beginning to disappear. Taking its place was a dusting of white. I was getting older for sure.

There goes my beard growing days, I thought, but no the beard craze was kicking in and my wife thought I would look good with a beard, no matter if it was grey. Over a few weeks I began to grow it out. And it actually looked pretty good IMHO. This changed one day at a fast food restaurant. The cashier, who herself must have been pushing 70, apologized for not applying the senior citizen discount. Ouch. I already felt old at 47. I didn’t want to look even older. 

I shaved it off a few days later, but you know what, who cares if I look older to some people. Who the hell am I trying to impress. Looking back I realized that I received a lot of compliments on my beard, and when I shaved it off I was confronted by friends who thought it had looked great.

So if you’re not growing your beard because of your fear of looking like Santa Claus, don’t worry, I doubt you will. The Santa look is fine anyway. But if you want the less long and wild look, just keep it shorter and well groomed. It will look awesome.

Check out some grey beard styles below:


Clooney grey beard
Clooney looks good with a grey beard.
Long white beard
Long, but nicely groomed. Going to need a lot of beard conditioner.
Short grey beard
Good looking grey beard.
Sting grey beard
Sting has gone grey.
WIld grey beard
The wild look It would require some combing. Probably a lot of work.

Oh, and I did try Just for Men. Specifically I used my once natural dark brown color and a Touch of Gray. The dark brown didn’t look right with the grey in my hair. The Touch of Grey blended a lot better, but I didn’t feel like redoing it every week.

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